Argentine’s Health Department Gives Sex Tips

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In Argentina, too, strict curfews and shutdowns were ordered to combat the spread of the new type of coronavirus. Unlike in other countries, however, the government is not only concerned about the economic consequences of the lockdown. Now tips have been issued for intimacy and sexuality in times of social distancing.

According to the Argentinean government, virtual sex and sexting are adequate means to have a fulfilled sex life even in times of forced social distancing. At least that was what was announced in a daily broadcast, in which the undersecretaries in the health department Carla Vizzotti and Alejandro Costa, as well as the infection expert Dr. José Barletta, talked about webcams, video chat, virtual sex and sexting as good alternatives to conventional sex.

Undersecretary of State Vizotti, who is in charge of the public health care sector, said that she received numerous inquiries about how to deal with sexuality during the Corona crisis. From this, she deduced that it affects many people, as a larger number often do not dare to ask questions about intimate problems.

The health expert Dr. Barletta could not rule out one of the main concerns many people had. While a direct transmission through seminal fluid or fluids from the vaginal or anal part of the body has not been proven according to current findings, it is quite likely that it is possible. Barletta also added: »It is clear that this virus can be transmitted very easily through everyday actions such as kissing.«

Social Distancing must therefore currently include sexual intercourse with people with whom one does not live together. Of course, there is nothing to be said against dating apps as such. You can continue to match and then exchange information via chat and make appointments for the time after the lockdown or flirt or sext with each other via Whatsapp. But the doctor strongly advises against direct meetings.

Even when masturbating, people should pay attention to the stricter hygiene rules and not only think about washing their hands but also about regularly cleaning keyboards, mobile phones, and other devices and surfaces that could become dirty during masturbation.

Due to a very rigid approach and extremely strict curfews, there have been relatively few cases of officially recorded corona infections in Argentina to date. Around 3000 cases and less than 150 deaths have been reported. In the neighboring country Brazil, under the leadership of the fascist president Jair Bolsonaro, the virus rages almost without restriction. Although some states have imposed curfews, the head of state still plays down the virus. Thousands of deaths have already been reported as a direct result of this disastrous policy, and the number of unreported cases is likely to be immense.

The Argentine President, on the other hand, is acting with extreme caution. When asked about the sex tips of his state secretaries, however, he refuses to comment. »If it’s what the health ministry says, you should listen. Don’t make me offer my own opinion about this.«


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