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Anyone who visited the KitKatClub in Berlin in the late 90s might already have been to one of her parties. By now the VENUS exhibitor Dominique Insomnia now runs her own nightclub and is expanding her offer under the slogan »If you can fuck freely, you can also think freely« with her own travel agency called Hedonistic Travel. 

Dominique Insomnia has been one of Germany’s leading nightclub operators for over two decades. With her hedonistic INSOMNIA parties and numerous performances at fetish parties, festivals and erotic fairs she was able to achieve great success. Insomnia already made a name for herself in the legendary KitKatClub in 1997, since 2006 she runs her own nightclub, the INSOMNIA in Berlin. Now Insomnia is expanding and acts as a tour operator for exclusive, hedonistic trips.

Dominique Insomnia says: »I always love to do new things and to combine that with what I have always been good at: Celebrating hedonism, creating erotic pleasures, designing sensual environments, opening up enchanting possibilities and giving people a great time full of pleasure, in which the mind and the soul are addressed meaningfully and sensually.«

Swingers, hedonists and kinksters traveling

The entrepreneur advertises the offer as follows: “Make new experiences and broaden your horizon! Hedonistic Travel is your tour operator for hedonistic holidays, extravagant hotels, sex-positive parties, wellness, workshops, coaching and cultural highlights, for hedonists, swingers and kinksters.

On offer are bondage tutorials as well as sensual tantric massages, but also striptease, fetish workshops or relationship and sex coaching.

According to Insomnia, night owls, free spirits, swingers and hedonists should feel particularly welcome. For Insomnia it is only logical to take the step from an event planner for clubbing to a travel provider, as it only prolongs the pleasure and offers more possibilities to let your sensual imagination run wild.

Hedonistic travel in a carefree package

Apart from organizing adult club tours, Insomnia also takes care of hotels, workshops and cultural attractions. The extravagant lifestyle that one is accustomed to from Insomnia parties is to be extended on whole journeys.

The event manager emphasizes a journey to Mallorca: »I’m especially proud of the newest project ‘INSOMNIA goes Mallorca’ with Hotel Take Over, INSOMNIA Party in Tito’s Palma de Mallorca and many other frivolous surprises and workshops & tutorials.«

A Hedonistic network guarantees sensual holidays

Insomnia is cooperating with a large network of promoters, performers, artists and teachers and wants to combine exciting parties at great locations with sensual experiences for its guests. What does it take? Above all, according to Insomnia, it needs “sophisticated people with a libidinous lifestyle”.

If you want to find out more, you can take a look at Insomnia’s websites. You can find the club’s website here. The website of the travel agency can be reached via this link. If you prefer personal contact, there will be plenty of opportunities to get in touch in October at VENUS Berlin as Insomnia will have a booth at the Berlin-based fair again.



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