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Marquis VPS

MARQUIS Fetish Books

Now New From VPS: 7 fetish hardcover books, including Dita Fetish Goddess, Bizarre Gallery and many more. If you want to know more go to

Documentary About ManyVids

The clip vendor ManyVids has developed a unique marketing strategy. The company has produced a documentary about its founder Bella French in order to...
penthouse pleite

Penthouse To Be Auctioned Off

The insolvency trustee for Penthouse Global Media has reached an agreement with Dream Media Corp, one of the company's largest creditors, to sell off...
vivid tv

Gamma Will Run VividTV &

In what is maybe one of the most striking signs that the golden age of big porn studios is finally over, the latest deal...
bucharest summit awards 2018

2. Bucharest Summit Ended Successfully

Launched in 2017, the Bucharest Summit is intended to become the major annual event for the cam industry. This year's edition began on May...
shanghai messe

ADC Expo Took Place in Shanghai

Adult Care China, one of Asia's largest sex toy fairs, took place from May 21 to 23 at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center....
crypto summit mallorca

Crypto Summit Mallorca

Mallorca, May 2018. Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Co. are the big issues, not just in business and finance circles. The developments and possibilities will be...
orion liebesschaukel

New Sex Swing from You2Toys

ORION Wholesale has expanded its extensive sex toy label, You2Toys, by adding a new sex swing to the assortment. This sex swing will really spice...
adult toys r us

Bankrupt Toy Story Giant Toys ‘R’ Us Auctioning Off Adult Domains

The toy store chain once was a dominating and disrupting force in the toy market. After filing for chapter 11 and declaring bankruptcy all...
youcandy Closed Leaving Models Unpaid

Clip sale operator announced that it's closing down after a week-long »under construction« message on its website. The company blames its payment processor...