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get dents out of car with dildo

Fixing a car dent with a dildo

There is, apparently, a surprisingly easy solution to sort it yourself (as long as you don’t mind your neighbours seeing you with a giant...
lickster app

Parody Becomes Reality With Launch of Lickster XXX App

MUNICH, Germany—A made-up mobile game that was the subject of a parody commercial created by a trio of comedians has become a real-life app...
ashley graham twirking

Ashley Graham twerk in nothing but lacy lingerie

Ashley Graham and lacy lingerie are the things dreams are made of. Trust us. To celebrate her 15th collection with Addition Elle, the former SI...
porn tax

This Bill Would Require You to Pay a Porn Tax

There's a bill out there that might initially irk people across the country, but could be a boon for curbing what President Donald Trump...

The UK is fast heading towards a porn crisis

In case you missed it, it’s been revealed that the US is potentially planning to introduce a ‘porn tax’ on adult material accessed via...
this man left sextoys in a book store

Man litters bookstore with sex toys

A Louisiana man was arrested over the weekend in what cops say was a bizarre stunt aimed at punishing a bookstore chain for bad...
sperm collector

Can’t Cum on Cue? This Sperm Extractor Might Help

BEIJING, China—Hate the idea of a cold, sterile room to make your deposit to the sperm bank? Struggling with premature ejaculation issues? Have an...
bj robots

The blow job bot that recreates “intimate human oral interaction”

There’s an odd stigma around sex toys for men that’s not quite as pervasive as it is for women. While dildos, vibrators and other...
libido problems

Sexual Enhancement Market Sees Growth From Couples-Friendly Approach

From cock rings and penis pumps to creams, gels and sprays, male sexual enhancement products have long been a fixture in the pleasure products/sex...
hustler hollywood

Hustler Hollywood Settlement Paves Way for Fresno Store

FRESNO, Calif. — A settlement with the city of Fresno has paved way for Hustler Hollywood to open a retail store in the Northern...